Monday, 24 June 2013


So I've come to a realisation, I will probably never get round to painting a lot of what is sitting in the "lead pile". So Rather than sit on the pile having it take up space for no reason I have decided to have a clear out. This is by no means all of my lead pile but is a lot of stuff which I doubt I will ever paint, or wont paint anytime soon.

So I am looking to shift the lot as, for convenience sake, a single lot. As such I am offering a big discount on retail for this lot.

The pile consists of

40 Warlord Plastic Scottish Covenanters (with metal command) still on the sprues except for about 5 figures worth of bits which are in a jiffy bag. Nothing painted

8 US Vietnam era troops from The Assault Group Undercoated only

1 Hasslefree Grymm LMG Team unpainted fresh lead

Empress British Javelin Team

Black Scorpion Resin Pirate

3 Polish Para's from Warlord (Bolt Action)

30 WW2 British Infantry figures (20mm) from Stonewall figures 26 unpainted rest fresh lead

20 Warlord WW2 Belgian army figures

1 Warlord WW2 Belgian Boyes AT Team

1 LAF Figure (one of the medieval lady cook ones)

10 Artizan Designs Figures from "A Very Private Army Range" (the dads army looking infantry)

21 x Random figures mostly Artizan with some Musketeer Miniatures mostly WW1/WW2 with some other stuff.

Now sold. Expect new projects in the future!


  1. Best of luck with the sale, quite an eclectic range!

  2. Thanks Michael, yes just everything that's been in the pile for awhile that I don't see myself painting anytime soon.

  3. Good luck with selling the horde of lead mate, I am sure it will find a good home