Thursday, 1 November 2012

Far Future Scribe

I've been busy as hell lately so I haven't had much time to paint. However I have had some time over the last few days to work on this. I purchased this figure many years ago and painted it in a terrible blue colour scheme. As GW do not seem to sell this figure anymore I decided to strip it back (using Dettol) and paint it again.

This is the result, I wanted a really muted tone across the figure so painted the robes brown and tried to use colours which didn't stand out to much against it. The red on the pipes and detail makes a nice contrast. Typically my pictures don't do the figure justice, which is irritating as I lavished waaaay more attention on this figure than I do usually as it was a one of paint job.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

In other news, I finally have my fav figures out of cardboard boxes and into a display cabinet! Picked this up from Amazon and it holds a good number of my figures. There are of course still boxes all over the house filled with carefully packed figures!


  1. Nice miniature the robes are excellent. Nice cabinet as well mate looking good!

  2. What a great job, but talk to me about Dettol, do you just soak them overnight? Love the cabinet as well have you got the additional shelves?

  3. Thanks Michael,

    Re Dettol, is like magic, all I had to do was drop the figures in to a glass of the stuff, left it about an hour then all the paint came off with 5 minutes effort and an old toothbrush. Paint comes off completely back to clean metal for painting. It's amazing I've stripped loads of stuff now.

  4. Great work there Mr Smillie and I love the paintjob of the figure. I know what you mean other taking a photo and it loses half the detail. That cabinet is great and it is good to see the Duke's men there.

    I also use Dettol or other pine based clearing products and not only does it work for metals but plastics too. Makes your figures smell nice and clear too, lol

  5. ooo I didn't think it would work with plastics to the stripping cave!!
    eh, actually that sounds weird, just to the hobby room.

  6. Dont put them too long in there or they will deform