Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Royal Rifles

 Just finished painting the first four of my Partizan haul. These are from Muttonchop Miniatures (Paul Hicks Shop) and are his ceremonial guards. I really like these figures and enjoyed painting them up. I opted to paint them up in a uniform similar to the Victoria Rifles of the Anglo-Zulu war era. But I think I might use them as Post Office Rifles in VBCW, I have the other four figures to paint up, probably do them some time in the next few weeks.

I had a go at painting with a black undercoat with these, as I usually undercoat in Grey which I find is a nice neutral tone. The black was troublesome (for me) to paint over, and to be honest I found it tough on my not great eyesight. I'm not convinced the finish is any better or noticeable different than my usual grey. I will therefore be continuing with my grey undercoat.

In other news there is a possibility of a new job (again) this time close to home in Aberdeen so no living in Glasgow during the week and trundling home at the weekends. Hope fully I'll find out about that in the next few days.

Re the quality of these pictures, I'm afraid its a bit poor as I'm painting in the flat in Glasgow and don't have access to Photoshop or decent lighting. Another reason why I would like to be working at home again!



  1. Mr Smillie they are very nice and I cant believe you beat me and Ook to our PO Rifles. That would be funny if we all turned up one day with GPO Rifles at a game. Great paintjobs by the way and I think you are correct in saying that there is little noticeable different between the grey and black undercoating.

    Good luck with the job, especially as it is closer to home.

  2. Very nice indeed; I'd spied these on the Muttonchop site and been thinking about picking some up for a while now. The finish looks good to me, but then I always use black undercoat anyway. Good luck with the new job.

  3. Cheers chaps, there lovely figures for anyone thats on the cusp of buying them. And the command squad is really nice as well.