Monday, 17 September 2012

Bio Hazard Containment Team

I've had these figures left on my desk for some time (there is an earlier post or two regarding them in different colour schemes) and I still actually have one more left, who will be painted like this. 

I wanted to paint them up as a creepy quarantine team wearing red bio hazard suits under webbing and tin hats. I decided to paint the hats in a take on CS95 style camo. I quite like how they turned out, and I'm going to get at least another four or so and paint them up the same way. Long term I will add some zombies and maybe even get a post-apoc game, who knows. 

In other news I've started constructing the first 5 of many houses for a demo game at Partizan next year, pictures will follow when they are put together. 

Another few pics of the other three figures below. 


  1. The red is great, Go Zombie hunting you won't regret it!

    Check out if you want any help or advice! Or just show off your pics

  2. Thanks mate, and thanks for the link, I've trundled over and joined.

  3. Mr Smillie you are a man that never sleeps, great Hasmat that rusty red work so well with the camo pattern. I cant wait to see the houses my friend.

  4. Cheers pete, never sleeps about right!

  5. Seriously, seriously cool; great work Sir.

  6. Thanks Michael, given how outrageously awesome your painting is Its a real compliment.