Thursday, 26 April 2012

A trio of Rifles

As I mentioned earlier I have been painting up another few German infantry figures from Artizan Designs. Going with the Oak leaf camo pattern for the tops, two are the autumn patterns and ones the spring/summer (green). More to paint up over the weekend. I'm quite liking how these are turning out, and they make a nice change, I am particularly pleased with the way the rifles turned up. 


  1. Very nice Sir; you are busy at the moment. What colour did you use for the woodwork on the rifles?

  2. Lovely figures once again Mr Smillie. Lovely paintjob and nice detail

  3. Nice camo. Like the stocks on the rifles as well.

  4. Thanks guys, the stocks are just GW's old bestial brown with the same as highlights but lightened a couple of times with white.

    1. Thanks mate, still got some of that kicking around somewhere.