Friday, 6 April 2012

Hazard Suit

I painted up five of these figures (without helmets) the other day in standard green NBC suits, and I have another five to do with helmets in the standard green. However I had two extra figures (I only make squads up to 10, unless a game system specifically specifies otherwise) so I decided to experiment colour wise.

I thought I would paint this one up as a yellowish bio hazard suit, perhaps he's a private security contractor at a facility somewhere or cleaning up an outbreak of something nasty for "the corporation". Anyway it was nice to paint one of these lovely figures in a different colour and I'm reasonable pleased with the results. I'm in two minds as to whether I like my shading on this one.

In other news, off and on for years I've fiddled and fuddled about writing a book or something vaguely entertaining (to me at the very least). Thus far I've written, re-written and edited the first 20,000 words of my book only to decide this evening I don't like the prose and too much of it is in first person and should have been written in third person.

The delete key will therefore be used judiciously and I'm pretty much starting again, oh well every things a learning exercise I guess.


  1. Superb! The colour looks great; he could also be a commander or scientist for the team. Sorry to hear about the book, try, try again!

  2. Mr Smillie I love it, just how you do the plastic eye covers in amazing.

    Now re editing the book, at least you are writing a book which is more than most, Good luck with it my friend, hope its about VBCW, lol.

  3. Cheers chaps, the eye holes are really easy to do there just layered PVA glue which gives a really good effect.