Sunday, 1 August 2010

Make Ready!

My first Empress British Infantry model. I'm pleased with how it turned out, this is the "test model" for my latest little side project. I've got another 7 of these guys to paint and Empress's Cinematic Rorke's Drift character pack. In other news i'm just waiting on the good folks at Musketeer sending me the latest additions to my SFF force, but until they appear i'll be working on my Anglo-Zulu war project. 


  1. Very clean looking figure.You've got me thinking that I should get my 24 red coated chaps painted for Space 1889.That is when I've caught up on AVBCW ;)

  2. Thanks, I was thinking they could be quite usefull for Space 1889. Just a side project really while I wait for the posty to produce the rest of my AVBCW force :)