Friday, 27 August 2010

Can't see the woods for the tree's

I was a bit busy and stressed with work this week so I didn't fancy any miniature painting, but I wanted to do something productive. So I knocked up this tree on a CD as a base, not my finest work but it will do. I quite enjoy scratch building tree's and its pretty easy once you have the hang of it, hardest bit for me was waiting around for the plaster to dry!. I've run out of dark green lichen hence this tree is a bit bare and autumn like, or as my wife put it "it looks like a swamp tree", which is a compliment, I think. The thing I like about making tree's is that there good for almost any scale there either big or small tree's dependingn on the size of the model. This is quite a big  tree for 28mm but I still think it looks okay.

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