Sunday 6 June 2010

Current Army

My current army, works out at about 650 points comprised of the following:-

HQ - Company commander with Boltgun and Powerfist with Melta Bombs, Medic, Voxcaster, Sniper, Plasma Gunner, Krak Grenades, Carpace Armour

HQ - Lord Commissar with Carpace Armour and Power Weapon

Troops -

1 - Veteran Squad. Sgt with Plasma Gun and Power Sword. Squad has Vox Caster, Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter team. Grenadier Squad (Carpace Armour)

2 - Veteran Squad with Voxcaster, Flamer, Lascannon Team, Grenadier Squad (Carpace Armour), Chimera Transport with Heavy Stubber and extra armour.

3 - Veteran Squad with Voxcaster, Flamer, Heavy Flamer and Grenadier Squad (Carpace Armour)

I'm not sure what to add at this point. I'm thinking perhaps a Sentinel or two or maybe another tank.


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