Sunday, 2 December 2012

Science Fiction Kilts

I've been busy with work for the last week or so, but I found the time yesterday and today to put together and paint this. The figure is  made up of components purchased from Victoria Miniatures a purveyor of a large selection of components to compliment GW's imperial guard range. They are however modular and I made the above figure from a pair of kilted legs, imperial torso, shotgun arms and a militia head all from Victoria Miniatres.

The parts themselves are really well sculpted and a joy to paint. I spent a lot of time working on the kilt, and skin tones (sadly the camera has washed out the figure a little) and I am very pleased with the results. I would think a lot of the parts from this company would be good for anyone doing VSF or Pulp adventures and of course 40k.

Check the site out at the link above the figures are great, and really well priced. Also service is great, the shop is in Aussi land and yet with bog standard postage the figures were in my grubby mitts in 7 days (not working days, 7 days total). At the moment I think its free postage on everything so strike while the iron is hot.

I've bought a pretty sizable selection from them so I will be slowly making and painting up some of these figures. I'm not really making them with 40k or anything in particular in mind. I just liked the bits and wanted to make and paint some kilts! But that said I find myself thinking they could be used for a characterful game of Necromunda or similar.

I have some mounted bits as well and intend to make a small diorama or something.

In other news it turns out this is my 250 post to the blog, hard to believe given I only started it as somewhere to keep track of what I had painted. If you have put up with meandering mutterings over the last couple of years, thank you. I hope next year to return to a slightly more regular painting and posting schedule now that my work has settled, and I am working at home again.


  1. Now that is seriously good Mr Smillie; I love him!

  2. Great imaginative work, Smillie.

  3. Great looking mini and paintjob mate.

  4. Thanks guys, I really enjoyed painting it.

  5. Great job on the mini. I love the stuff VM puts out for the IG. Good stuff!


  6. I say blooming marvellous mate and it seems the tartan bug is spreading, lol

  7. He is a good looking guy and the kilt work was excellent


  8. Cheers chaps, I've had a hankering to paint Tartan for awhile now, can't think why Pete.

  9. Awesome made and painted figure! The tartan is top work!