Friday, 20 July 2012

Back in Blighty

Well I'm back from working in Thailand, a little earlier than expected but I am bloody happy to be back. I never thought I would be so happy to step off the plane at Aberdeen and be hit with rain and a chilly breeze!

Anyway I wanted to get back into the swing of painting after 2 months off so picked up these two figures from the lead pile pretty much at random. The first is a WW1 Ottoman Turk officer from Gripping Beasts range, lovely figure like the others from the range which I have painted. I am trying to avoid using inks for shadow,s (which has been my way in the past) and I am very pleased with how this chap turned out. My only annoyance is that the skin tone on the face isn't quite right, and I didn't water the paint down enough so if you look closely you can see its a little rough.

The other figure is one of Eurekas 1980's US soldiers in noddy suits. I've painted some of these before but wanted to try something different after such a break from painting. I opted to paint the jacket as a winter camo and I quite like how it turned out, not sure If ill paint more in this pattern but who knows.

Anyway I'm pleased to be home and back to painting, should be more to follow over the next few days.


  1. Welcome home, now if you have not had your fill of rain...........

    Both figures look good so you don't have any rust to knock off


  2. Welcome back old chap and a great first post! Looks to me that you're still been a bit hard on yourself! Great cammo, would make for an interesting unit.

  3. Very nice work on both, The Turkish chap looks great especially the shading

  4. Thanks guys, its good to be home and back to painting.