Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The shop is now open!

Bit of a diversion from earlier posts. My gaming computer gave up the ghost some time ago and my inner geek is crying itself to sleep at the loss of one of my sources of entertainment. Therefore I have decided (with the wifes endorsement) to sell off my substantial DVD collection.

I have over the last 8 years or so ammased a collection of 321 rather good films both new and old. All on ebay as a job lot for £300 with free delivery to the Aberdeenshire area. Not sure if anyone from here would be interested but what the hey.


I also intend to sell of my Ottoman Turks and possibly some other figures over the next few weeks to add to the fund.



  1. Good luck with that, sitting on far too many myself but just can't seem to part with the. What's really frightening is the boxes of videos of the same films in the loft!

  2. The thing is most of my films are boxed up in the loft because we dont have space to store them all. I hven't been in the boxes in 6 months so I just though well if I haven't watched them in 6 months how much could I want them!

  3. Mr Smillie I thought that you was going to replace them with Blue Rays