Sunday, 2 October 2011

Masters at hide and seek

When I arranged to sell some of my painted renegade figures recently, I was a bit perplexed as to how I had ended up with a group of 18 (as I usually prepare squads of 10). The question was answered when I found these two figures lurking in my painting pile.

Painted up to match my other renegade figures they only took a couple of hours to complete. My complaint with these, as with the other renegade figures is that they have some pretty heavy mold lines (particularly around the face) which were dam near impossible to remove.

Still at the prices renegade charge I mustn't grumble to much as they are dam cheap.


  1. Love the burly corporal with the Lewis gun, bags of character.

  2. Really nice miniatures, you could use them for some horror skirmish game if you don't use them for WW1 games :-)

  3. Thanks Gents, they turned out quite nicely (despite the fight I had removing mould lines)

  4. I say Mr Smillie their look good and a very nice paintjob you have done on them.