Sunday, 22 May 2011

Bit of a sniffle

Saturday just gone I spent a very enjoyable days war gaming at a small event organised by Mort from GWP. The games were all VBCW and the goal was for the Anglican League to push through the defence lines of the SFF into a village they had been using as a raiding post. I was playing Anglican league and whilst I had a fun day I did not fair particularly well in terms of the battle.

Pulling some unfortunate "Random Event" cards my force ended up dropping dead as a result of an outbreak of the Spanish flu, this resulted in a fair amount of my force retiring from the battle each turn. In addition to that half way through the battle I pulled another random event card which resulted in me losing comms to some of my remaining units. Sufficed to say while I managed to whittle down the opposition and knock out a tankette my sickly army did not make it onto the main table.

Still a great game played against, and with some top chaps. A couple of pictures below (I forgot to take many during the day so these are the best ones).

Playing against Ook from GWP, this is the result of his first shot against my units with a mortar which was being fired from off table as support. 5 out of a 10 man squad wiped out!

Later in the game, I manage to knock out Ooks tankette with a lucky mortar round that scattered off his infantry and onto the back of the tank. Two lucky dice rolls later its main gun was destroyed and the tanks crew were both wounded.

My mortar team moves up to inspect its  work after Ook has withdrawn his forces off the table to the main SFF base/village.

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