Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Imperial Stormtroopers

For the last couple of evenings I have been painting up these four Imperial Stormtroopers from Games Workshop. There's another 6 or so of them in the box, which was purchased for me by the wife a couple of years ago and I just never got round to painting them.

I went for a fairly plain, non 40k, colour scheme which I think turned out pretty dam well. I also had a go at some OSL around the side light and helmet light thingy, I think the green glow has worked not to badly given that I have not really practised OSL before.

The models themselves are okay, but had pretty big mold lines and flash. Also I find GW mini's really fiddle to paint, I don't really know why but I do. These chaps turned out okay though and I might even crack on and finish the rest of the squad at some point.

They are however very expensive, as are in my opinion all GW models. I really do not understand why they think its okay to charge two or three times what any other manufacturer would charge for a lead mini. Anyway I'll just put my soap box away and go quietly! 


  1. I like the muted colour and the OSL is good you just need to make the lenses brighter as ATM the glow is brighter that the object giving the glow
    Peace James

  2. Cheers mate, top tip on the OSL, I can crack on and improve that this evening. Thanks