Monday, 19 September 2011

Some more real estate

Just finished building this over the space of a couple of evenings. Again the textures on the buildings are from scalescenes, with the carcass being built by me. Its two semi detached houses, built to go with the other buildings I've knocked up recently. Going to take a break from terrain building and have a think about what else to build, although I'm thinking of building a garage based on some pictures of a garage I found online.

This is a quick shot of some of the buildings which I have built recently, with some tarmac road sections I knocked up as well. I'm quite pleased to be honest as when you combine these buildings with some of the other things I built recently I have enough of my own buildings for a small village setting. I've tried to make the buildings reasonable vague period wise so that I can maybe use them with a range of periods, but I guess only time will tell on that point. 


  1. Thank you kindly sir, I am rather pleased with my progress.

  2. Excellent work Sir, although it does look like you have a few infiltrators on the roof. Still not to worry as I can't see a chimney for them to shin down!

  3. It does rather look as though there on the roof doesn't it.