Monday, 12 September 2011

A bit of property

Knocked these up over the last couple of evenings.

The first building is a little bungalow with a flat roof extension at the back. This  needs a bit more work, mainly on the base but other than that its finished.

 The other building is a small warehouse . The warehouse yard is designed to join onto the side of the shops I built previously which can be seen in an earlier post named "shopfronts" The signs on the warehouse were created by the wife in photoshop. I am particularly pleased with the small crane, loading dock thing I have built on the side of the warehouse.

These are both finished with a variety of scalescenes textures. The plan with building these was to get enough together so I have a small collection of buildings which can be used in a range of periods. I have also made a selection of roads using the tarmac texture.


  1. Wow!! They look excellent!!! Love the warehouse.

  2. They look great!
    I actually used one of those pulley wheels as an apprentice joiner years ago our workshop was on the first floor,very realistic well done.

  3. Brilliant work Sir, particularly like the factory. I'm envious of your staying power, every time I've tried working in the evening I find myself dropping off. Blaming the early starts and the fact that the evenings are drawing in.

  4. Cheers chaps, I've really started to enjoy building things since I found the scalescenes textures makes it much easier for my lazy ass to finish stuff. I'm a bit of an insomniac to be honest I operate on about 4 hours sleep a night (not through choice) but hey it works for me.

  5. The warehouse is my favourite, really good work sir.