Sunday, 26 June 2016

Double Swords

Possibly the final Highlander, I have two left but i'm not sure if I'll do them or move onto something else. I suffered with a loss of tip to my smaller brushes on this one so some of the lines are a bit "blobby" in places. I know I know a poor workman and his tools and all that, but I think I need to invest in some new brushes as my current ones are getting a bit knackered out.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Wrong end of the Musket

 Another highlander finished, I did this one using my favorite tartan pattern to paint. The effect of the pattern is really nice, and it looks much more complicated than it actually is. I can't remember if this is a real tartan or not, I think it is but I really don't recall where I got the pattern from.

In other news I'm eyeing some 15mm Napoleonic at the moment for a new project.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Jug o Ale

 Another week in and another Warlord Clansman done, I think this ones from the "Arrant Scum" packs or something like that. I actually started painting this guys kilt about 2 years ago and gave up as the tartan wasn't going how I wanted it.

For this iteration I painted over the older, paler tartan with a darker choice, again fairly happy with the results, though I think the shirt needed a few more highlights.

I wanted that "been drinking awhile" look so added a red glaze to the cheeks and nose of the figure, not sure how visible that is in the pictures but I like the effect.

Working on more of these at the moment, really starting to enjoy painting tartan and as before just one figure at a time.

In other news my wife and I have become obsessed with the Magic the Gathering card game, surprisingly simple and complicated at the same time. We gave it a go as something easier to setup and play than a full board game. So far very enjoyable and as there are thousands of cards lots of options and all that with updating decks etc.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Highland Warrior

 Bit of a change of pace, I have had this Clansman figure from Warlord games in the lead pile along with another 20 or so from the same range for about 2 years. I think (but I can't really remember) that they were bought as part of a now aborted ECW project.

I've never got around to painting them as they are mostly wearing kilts or trews which require some kind of competent tartan. While I have painted tartan a fair bit in the past I tend to have only one type of tartan I can paint and its a nightmare to paint on non flat surfaces like this more old school looking kilt.

Well bored over the weekend I decided to pick one of the Clansmen at random and paint him on his own, I actually quite enjoyed the freedom of painting just one single figure as I am often painting 3 or 4 at once, or a unit etc.

Overall fairly happy with the results, my tartan is a bit dodgy in places but overall I like how the figure looks. My basing came out a tad more yellow than I intended, but as I'm trying a slightly different basing material at the moment I'll just go ahead and forgive myself!

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Weird Germans

Slow progress again on the blog mainly due to my camera being on the blink and having some trouble getting decent pictures. Completed these 10 Studio Miniatures German Zombies over the last few weeks. These are going to be part of my Weird War 2 project that I'm indulging in at the moment. 

The sculpts are nice my only criticism would be that one of the two bodies types available on the sprue is lurching forwards in a very distinctive manner which means careful positioning of the arms, and re positioning of the head is required to avoid the Zombies looking similar. 

I had some of the modern zombies plastic Studio Miniatures sprues lying around and used some heads and arms from this to add some more variety, I also hacked up some of the helmet heads. The other plastic sprues fit well with this set so I would recommend anyone thinking of getting the German Zombies to buy a couple of single sprues from the Modern range to add variety. 

I enjoyed painting these up and went as far as painting collar markings and an impression of the eagle above the pocket etc. I think the little extra details make these more interesting, otherwise they might look just a bit grey. 

Overall I think these are good value, I have another 10 to do and intend to modify them a bit more to add variety. Picture quality is not great, I really need to setup a light box or something. 

Wednesday, 30 March 2016


After a break of around 1.5 years I've finally got back into painting. I'm not doing much just painted up this Ogre Miniature from Scibor Miniatures. Great figure, with really really good detail. Was a real pleasure to paint, and the great quality made picking up the old skills much easier! 

I am particularly pleased with how the sword scabbard and satchel cover turned out. Both look seriously dragon scale like. At least to me anyway. 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Kingdom for some Light

Before I start to drone on about my figures I must apologies for quality of the pictures. My daylight lamp stopped working (the bulb) and I have not been able to find a replacement so the pictures were taken using actual daylight only and are frankly terrible. 

The lack of lamp has also been why I have not posted much this month, without the lamp i'm restricted to painting when there is good local light (which has not been often). 

Miniatures wise I've just finished a range of 6mm stuff for my 51st Highland Division project. First up 6 Battalion command stands. I realised recently that whilst I had a Headquarters Company each Battalion had a further command section above this at the Battalion level. So the following 6 stands represent the actual Battalion commanders on the table top. Gaming wise these are probably not really necessary but what the hell it was a good reason for some small diorama stuff. 

I also painted 3 trucks which I was short of in one Battalion and 4 bren carriers which again I was short of in one Battalion. These are below.

Lastly I painted up the majority of the 17th Field Regiment Royal Artillery. The had, so far as I can see, been issued the new 25pdr guns by 1940 and with little information as to what specific regiments had towing wise I just went with the classic 25pdr towing vehicle which was also coming into service in 1940.

 The regiment comprised of two Batteries further divided down in to 3 troops each. Each troop had between 3 and 4 guns depending on issue. As with the scale elsewhere in my force I am representing 3 guns with 1 model so 1 gun is a troop and 3 is a battery. I decided to base the arty on separate bases to their towing equipment as bases big enough for both just looked too big. 

The individual vehicle and figure on the small stand in front of each troop is the troop commander who acted as the forward observer/spotter for the troop his XO commanding the guns themselves.

I need to do two battery command stands and a further Regiment command stand but the bulk of this is done. I'm not sure how much painting i'll get done in the next few weeks as work is packing me off to Birmingham.