Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dont fence me in

Another little project, completed late yesterday evening and painted just now. Basically a few lengths of fencing. In the future I need to add another couple of lengths and a gate. I made these to use to break up the battlefield, edge roads/buildings etc.


  1. Tidy work there Sir, would those be the ubiquitous coffee stirrers by any chance?

  2. They seems good, how tall are they?

  3. Awesome work. The attention to detail in these sort of things is what gets me. Simply brilliant.

    Following :)

  4. Cheers gents, there made from small "craft" sticks (like mini lolly popsticks) that I bought from hobbycraft. Bag of like 300 for 2 quid. The fence is about 45 to 50mm in height, which against figures makes them about 6ft to 7ft fences. Which is what I wanted complete line of site blockers.

    Thanks again they were quick and simple to make, meaning I might actually manage more in the future! :)