Thursday, 30 May 2013

Just Trucking

Continuing my 6mm project this is the Admin (motor pool) element for my first Infantry Battalion. I just need to finish off the carrier platoon stands and the Battalion will be done! Rather than press ahead with the next Infantry Battalion in the Brigade I will probably do one of the Divisional support elements, armored recon, AT or something so I can paint something different. Then I'll switch back to an Infantry Battalion and go back and forth like that until the Division is completed.

Off to Partizan on Saturday! spent last night packing terrain and miniatures into boxes and now have 6 large plastic crates of terrain blocking up much of the bedroom. Looking forward to meeting up with the chaps, and seeing the game come together (as well as picking up some traditional loot!)


  1. Splendid work Mr. Smillie and have a fabulous Partizan.

  2. These look really nice, it's a great thing about 6mm that you can include such as the trucks and actually have them of use


    1. It's something I am increasingly loving about 6mm. Equally I can make diorama's that look nice and take up a tiny amount of room. Where as in 28mm they would be unfeasible, and a pain to store.

  3. Cool work, Mr. Smillie. Have a great time a the gaming event.

  4. These look great sir! Have fun the weekend enjoy it!

  5. Thanks chaps, I intend to!

  6. Very nice sir, have a fecking good weekend!