Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Partizan 2013 Badges

For those of you who have missed my constant harping on about Partizan PanzerKaput and I are making our yearly trip to Partizan putting on a VBCW game with the chaps from our forum on 2nd June 2013.

This years game is the Siege of Leicester which follows on from the previous two (or three) years games.

Usually we have handwritten badges which last seconds thanks to the less than stellar sticking power of the typical white sticker, and the resistance of most jumpers and shirts to said stickers.

As this year PanxerKaput and I are trying to up our game in terms of the quality of demo game we put on I decided to have some better quality badges made. Luckily this was quite simple as the wife has her own badge/magnet making machine and rustled these up super quick for me. The picture has made the union jack backgrounds look darker than they are but you get the idea.


  1. That should do the trick, very nice Sir.

  2. Thanks chaps, I thought they would be some simple fun.

  3. A tattoo would have worked fine too. Great job, Mr. Smillie!

    1. lol, I'll have to suggest that next year.

  4. Looking forward to Partizan, always a nice show and by the way, cool badges ;-)


  5. Yea I like Partizan, it has a nice atmosphere I think. and Thanks, it will be pretty easy for you to work out who I, and everyone else is if you pass our table now!

  6. I want my badge lol. This is a great idea