Friday, 10 May 2013

Can't see the Woods for the Trees

I was alerted to a blooming marvelous bargain by my good friend and fellow blogger PanzerKaput. It transpires that Model Zone are selling bags of 25 Model railway type tree's with the integral plastic fake stump thingy for £19.99. Now this was just too good a bargain to miss and I was straight into Model Zone to get a bag of trees.

I picked a pack of the "spring/summer" trees which looks quite nice and by and large they scale up pretty well with 28mm figures. I have opted to mount the majority of them in multi stands of 3 trees on a CD base. I have the rest individually mounted on 2p coins so they can be placed here and there.

I'm seriously considering going and buying another bag given how cheap and easy this was!

and yes I am aware of what a massive cliche the title is :)


  1. Cliché it may be but this is a gift horse you can look in the mouth


  2. Modelzone may just have another customer! Great job Sir.

  3. Great acquisition, Mr. Smillie.

  4. Cheers guys, it really is an amazing bargain, by more so they keep selling them!

  5. There is actually a Modelzone near me, I may have to visit!

  6. They are amazingly good value for money and they do two different packs of deciduous trees, these one and plain green ones in two different shades and pine trees too. I also think you can get a mixed deciduous and pine tree too.

    I think that you have done them just and they look great, love the CD idea.

  7. I wished I'd known about this last week ahh well they look great. I will have to check come payday.

  8. Thanks guys, they are a cheap way to go, I've based mine quite modestly but if you check out PZ's blog he has based his to a much higher standard.

    As PZ says they are great value, my nearest Model Zone is pretty small and they had all the varieties of these trees in stock so I presume all the other stores will carry them as well.

    Hopefully if we all start buying them they will keep stocking them!