Tuesday, 4 October 2011

That Woman

I've had this figure for a while, well I say a while what I mean is since Partizan. However I was a bit stuck as to what colours I wanted to paint this lady in. In the end I went for a light blue dress, and a brown jacket. I think she turned out pretty good, although I'm still not completely happy with the cocktail glass in her hand.

On the painting table for the future I have a renegade Heavy Machine Gun, an Ottoman Turk officer and some Modern Brits from Empress, a diverse group of work in progress to be sure!

I'm still pontificating about starting a Viking force, a gaming buddy suggested I start of with some Gripping Beasts plastic Vikings. However since banishing GW from my painting table I'm loath to paint plastics, so my brain and my wallet are locked in a death struggle to decide whether I buy GB plastics or a mixed force of Gb and Artizan metal Vikings.


  1. Great figure and top painting; tricky problem with that glass, how do you make a solid object look translucent? Go on get stuck into the plastics, seen some great pics of them and as you say you can always supplement them with metals later.

  2. Cheers chaps, she was a nice little figure to paint.

  3. Yes, she is looking very good. Not sure if I would date her though