Thursday, 6 October 2011

Selling off Imperial Guard

As I'm moving to Scotland, and as I don't game GW anymore I decided to sell of my small GW Imperial Guard army, codex and carry case.

The sale comprises of the following

26 Cadian Imperial Guardsman (painted)
10 Catchans (painted to match cadians)
Commissar Yarrick figure (the old lead one not the new resin thing) (painted)
Forgeworld Commissar (painted)
two Cadian Heavy Weapons teams
1 Imperial Guard Chimera Transport
1 Box of Kasrkin storm troopers - five are painted five are not
Miniature carry case which holds 36 troops and room for 3 tanks (or similar)
Imperial Guard Codex (current edition)

I'm selling this as a job lot (because its easy to ship in the carry case) for £52.50, that's a saving of over 50% against usual GW prices. 

This is listed on Ebay here -

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