Monday, 10 October 2011

Sustained Fire

Just finished painting and basing up the renegade Heavy Machine Gun team as part of a commission, shortly to be packed of to the US. I like this set and it painted up really well. My only criticism is that the way the gunners hands have been sculpted makes it impossible to drill them out and fit the guns triggers through, equally there's no realistic way to cut the triggers to fit over the hands.

I decided to base the spotter separately as otherwise the single would have been (in my view) a bit big and bulky for gaming.

Still a nice little set and I might even buy it in the future and paint it up for my own collection.


  1. Another fine set Sir! A lovely unit I wish it a safe journey across the sea.

  2. Cheers mate, some careful packing will be required i think!

  3. Nicely done, I find that happens with HMG gunners in a lot of scales.