Friday, 7 October 2011

Another Sale

More figures going up for sale as I continue to make room for new bits in the model cupboard.

First Ebay lot is a 10 man commando squad from Artizan Designs which I painted up earlier in the year. £15 + Postage

Second Ebay lot is the box set of French infantry from Warlord. Again I painted these up earlier in the year. The only thing that has not been painted is the Mortar Team and Mortar which I never got around to painting. These are up for £28 + Postage.


  1. Nice looking figures, I'm sure you'll get the dosh you want for these!!

  2. Thanks, I hope so I have a couple of projects which I want to start that the funds are relying on!

  3. Seems like a bargain to me; hope you get what you want for them.

  4. Nice figures again. Seems all very cheap to me as well..Hope you got what you wanted