Saturday, 14 April 2012

Never again

I've been working on some more Napoleonic British for the last week or so. These 7 figures were nearly the death of me. I have no idea how you napoleonicly inclined gamers can paint so many of these fiddly figures. I like how these turned out but I don't see me doing any more any time soon.

I've also ordered some more figures from Artizan Designs my favourite miniature supplier.

I'm waiting to hear at the moment whether I will be able to trundle down to Partizan in May. I didn't think I could afford to go this year what with my wife being unable to work. However it turns out that as I care for my wife I can apply for a small carers grant to take a mini-break. Finally a chance to get back the small fortune I pay in tax!

If I get the modest grant (amounting to a couple of hundred quid) I should be able to go down to Partizan this year, and have a good weekend break. Which should be nice and relaxing.


  1. Yeah Napoleonics is hard to paint, I would not be able to paint entire regiments myself either. At the very least it would take months to finish something even resembling an army.

    Sorry to hear about your wife, I hope it's not serious.

  2. I really would like to be able to paint up either a napoleonic or AWI army but I just don't seem to have the stamina. Thanks re the wife, non life threatening but long term is how I tend to describe her problems.

  3. Firstly Mr Smillie they are wonderfully painted figures. They are fully of character and have the right feel to them, but painting a whole regiment, gosh.

    Secondly, it would be very nice to see you at Partizan. I better get a move of with organising it, lol.

  4. I've got to say you've done a damn fine job on these, but I feel your pain with regard to all the fiddly details.

  5. I have to agree about Napoleonics but you're very good at it my friend! Hope you get to Partizan!

  6. Cheers chaps, I have the little group sitting on my desk and I am oddly tempted to paint more!

  7. Go on; you know you want to! ;-)

    Of all the Napoleonics you could have chosen, Victrix are just about the fiddliest with all the separate parts. Still, you've done a brilliant job on them!

    I had a look at the link to your wife's site. She's really good! It must be a real blow for her not to be able to do the thing she loves doing most.

    1. Thanks Rosbif, I have loads of the fiddly buggers left and I am tempted to go through the trial of putting them together. I think in the future I am going to return to Lead with the napoleonics.

      Thanks re my missus, she is pretty bummed at not being able to paint any more the hope is in the long run that she will be able to return to it.

  8. Hi, Smillie: This is my 1st time visiting your blog...and it won't be the last time. Your prowess with the paint bottle and brush is to be commended.