Thursday, 13 June 2013

More 6mm Brits

So I realised having painted my 3 Carrier Platoon stands that I needed a fourth carrier stand as the Platoon HQ. So here is the 3 Platoon Stands with their HQ stand which is just represented by the Carrier with an officer figure.

This means that my Battalion is now completed and I'm pretty pleased with how it looks

You can see the Carrier Platoon at the back, the four infantry company's that make up the Battalions strength and the command stands. On the right are the 6 trucks that represent the Admin Platoon (motorpool)

I'm down to dribs and drabs in my 6mm pile, not enough of any one thing to create a full company or group. I was however able to scrape together enough bits to make the 1st Company for one of the Machine Gun Battalions that was attached to the Division, which was better than nothing.

Pictures a bit naff on this one (light's going) but again I'm quite happy you have the three Platoons and the HQ stand which is represented by the Tilly.


  1. They do look very good Mr. Smillie, but I don't know how you do it - so very small!

  2. Thanks Michael, despite there size there really quite simple to paint as you can get away with a very basic paint job. I like painting 6mm as you quickly get the satisfaction of having assembled a pretty big force without the fatigue that can set in when painting 28mm.