Saturday, 23 February 2013

Time for a tidy


So as the title suggested I felt it might be time to tidy up my now overrun and very messy modeling desk. I was finding the mess distracting and it was actually putting me off starting projects. Also as I work from home and this desk is right next to my actual work desk the mess was starting to spill over onto my job desk, and again was distracting me when working. 

The other catalyst was that on wandering past my wife's desk I was a tad embarrassed by how neat hers was by comparison (there's a picture below)

So as you can see the wife's desk is freakishly neat and I didn't "pose" the above picture at all. She was out at college and this is literally how she had left her desk. I guess that might be why she's the proper artist and I'm the amateur then! 

Part of the problem on my desk was that my paints were flowing across the desk like they had a bloody life of their own. A plan involving MDF was therefore hatched. I spent 20 minutes or so in the garage with a saw and the below was the result. 

Which when assembled (no glue or nails required) gave me a great little set of shelves. 

Have to say I'm quite pleased with myself as these are literally just slotted together and sitting on my desk I didn't have to glue or nail the bits together, or screw it to the wall or anything. It also means if or when the wife and I move again my shelf can be taken apart and come with me. 

As you can see the desk is now much tidier! 

In other news if anyone needs general colors to paint terrain (mud, dirt etc) then I recommend a range I found in Hobbycraft called "Basics" 118ml tube of brown paint (which can be watered down so it goes quite a long way) for £2.99. Good colour and coverage for painting terrain a dirt colour before applying flock etc. 


  1. Rather nice set up, a bit too neat though.

  2. Looks great now. Mind you it's what it looks like in a month or two that counts. I bought a paint rack (I don't have your skills) and it was great for a while but really needs some attention again. Mostly rubbish that needs binning


  3. That is a great idea about the sleeving and keeping the paint pots away and tidy. I have been using a similar tube of black paint for the Works for basecoating some scenery. It does go a very long way.

  4. Thanks guys, I am rather chuffed with the result.

  5. Nicely done Sir; the Saintly Mrs Awdry has also declared a need for a tidy up, I fear it will be me next!

  6. Comes to us all eventually Michael, unless your paint table happens to be in the shed and you have a particularly long garden of course.