Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hospital (with Figures) and brick Walls

At the request of a couple of people I have taken some pictures (or tried to at least) of a figure with the building so you get an idea of scale. As I mentioned yesterday my proper camera is on the blink at the moment and my back up camera is a bit crap. Hence the pictures are not of the highest quality. I also couldn't take a picture of the whole setup with figures because I just didn't have anywhere I could set it up and get enough light.

Anyway above there are a couple of shots with one of my figs by the main buildings doors and windows. The buildings are all built to the same scale so the figure will look the same with any of them. A couple of points to note the windows on this building (here and in reality) are big double size Victorian windows equally the door is the sort of external double sized porch thing you get on Victorian buildings.

Personally having looked at pictures of the actual building (Leicester General Hospital) I am satisfied that this is in scale compared to my figures. Photo's of the actual building show car's only coming half way up the windows, to give you an idea of how big they are in reality.

Another quick point to note the Figure is stood on a bit of MDF I had lying around as I will be building a grass/stone path thing which is the same thickness as the MDF the buildings, and a courtyard behind it.

The Other thing I have done today is sculpt a wall for casting by me at a later date. The wall is sculpted out of Fimo (white glittery Fimo at that) and needs cutting and sanding before I can cast it but my plan if this casts okay is to make corner units as well so I can cast my own country walls. Again sorry for the poor pictures but it was a struggle to photograph white Fimo.


  1. Nice to see with a mini. Its still Awesome!!

  2. Looks even better close up. I like the walls, they should come out great


  3. They are great Mr Smillie and it does indeed look at Leicester Hospital, especially having coming from there today, I wait pass in the car. I love the walls too

  4. looks great will be a real sight on the gaming table
    Peace James

  5. Even better ( if that's possible) with lead in front.
    Superb wall idea too.