Saturday, 16 February 2013

95th Rifles (in a manner of speaking)


 For the last few days I have been painting up these rather nice figures from Mr Hicks shop MuttonChop. I have actually painted up four of these previously in a blue tone, but I didn't like it and never felt as though the paint job did the figures justice. So last week I stripped the blue paint off and repainted them as above.

These fine fellows are a small squad (under size at just 8 men) for my Very British Civil War royalist army.

They are the 95th Factory Rifles led by Mr S. Harp (cough) the factory owner.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out, and they have been squeezed into my modelling cabinet.

Below are some close up's of some of the figures. Who knows they might even make it onto the table top at our game at Partizan in June!

 Mr S.Harp himself.

 His foreman Patrick Harper

 Standard bearer, and Bugler (now there's some multi-tasking) the flag was wiped up on photoshop. I will probably change it at some point.

A couple of the riflemen, I'm really pleased with how their rifles turned out.


  1. The troops look super finely painted. Everything from where I sit is just great, Sir.

  2. Great looking figures.Any chance of a vbcw take on a volley gun?

  3. Thanks chaps, I've not seen an appropriate Volley gun model (sadly) but my eyes are always peeled!

  4. They look great there Mr Smillie and will be a great addition to your royalist force. Now you need to find a Spanish maiden for Harper and a group of women to hang around Captain S Harp. Perkins with the chap name who carried the flag in the first film.

  5. Seems like a reasonable excuse to find some suitably wenchy figures!

  6. Now these are wonderfully clever, love them.