Friday, 1 July 2011

Not entirely human

For a while now, off and on, I have been sculpting up little things to add to models, and or dioramas. Like adding cloak or converting a GW guardsman to look more like a scientist. I thought I would have a go at sculpting something from the ground up and this is my first figure. starting out life as nothing but a ball of grey stuff and a wire frame I have sculpted up this little figure. The only thing on the model I didn't sculpt was the blade. Try as I might I just couldn't get it to work at all so I snipped the sword off a civil war figure. everything else is me though.

As it was my first full sculpt I went for something otherworldly rather than human, hence the bone weapons growing from the Cultists/Daemons hands. I like it to be honest and will probably make it onto the table in pulp or similar games.

He's a bit little for 28mm and a bit badly proportioned but for my first go at sculpting a full figure (albeit without hands or a face) I am quite pleased. I shall keep plugging away at this new diversion off and on I think.


  1. While I'm impressed, every time I attempt sculpting even the smallest item I end up with more of the stuff stuck to my fingers rather than the model!!!

  2. Cheers gents, Have to stay it was a bit of a struggle, and like you Michael, it did sometimes feel like I was involved in some weird hand covering task as opposed to applying putty to a wire frame.