Saturday, 5 February 2011

B Company, 2nd Battalion, 24th Foot

Having painted up a left over Bren Gunner in colours similar to the Thin Red line of 1879, I decided I liked the "what if" colour scheme so painted up a 10 man squad to match.

I really quite like the results and might have to paint up another two squads to support these chaps. I've got a mounted figure in mind which I'm going to use as the commander for this lot, all in all I like paint scheme and its fun to paint. These guys will, of course, be royalists in my VBCW force.


  1. There is something quite pleasing with the uniform being done that way or its because I first period I really wargamed was the Anglo-Zulu War. I do love them.

  2. Cheers mate, I really like how they turned out.