Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Another couple of blue suits

Just finished my last two blue suits for the Wittering Defence Force (WDF).

At the moment the WDF is looking like a light company comprising of 1 Company HQ section with attached  Heavy MG led by Wing Cmd Burleigh (no relation). 1 Platoon Cmd Section leading three 10 man rifle sections comprised of 1 regular RAF rifle section and two 10 man rifle (Militia) sections in old WW1 early WW2 equipment.

The 2nd Platoon Cmd Section is leading one 10 man rifle section and one under strength anti tank section.

I have just ordered a Mortar section to beef up the WDF's and SFF's (When I'm using them in that guise) fire power. It became apparent during the Big Game 3 that my force was lacking some long range fire power so the Mortar should come in very handy. The plan in the long term is to add another two 10 man rifle sections so that I have a light infantry company.

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