Tuesday, 5 March 2013

6mm British Army

I have just finished the first bit of this, literally, little project. I have long had an interest in having a go at something in 6mm so I decided to take the plunge and picked up enough bits to make my first Battalion. The scale is one stand of 4 infantry figures is a single platoon, so 4 stands is a company (3 platoons, and company command).

This is my first ever foray into 6mm and it was a pleasant diversion, I tried to make the Company HQ stands as little Diorama's by including a vehicle on the stand, and I'm pleased with the result. I might repaint the vehicles as I'm not sure if I like the camo pattern on the canvas back or not.

I still need to complete the support elements of the Battalion such as the HQ Group, Carriers, vehicles, mortars etc but this is the bulk of the Battalion completed.

My very long term plans is to complete the 51st Highland Infantry Division as they stood in 1939/40 in this scale. This lot will be the 2nd Battalion, The Seaforth Highlanders which was one of three Battalions which made up one of the Divisions 3 Brigades. So lots still to do, and that doesn't even include all the support units, like arty etc.

Some close ups below.


  1. Well I wasn't expecting that this morning! Great job Sir, but I don't know how you paint something so small.

  2. Thanks Michael, they were certainly a challenge! although it was also sort of liberating as there small size means the paint job is very simplistic.

  3. 6mm is an eyesight killer for me, lovely job sir.

  4. Thanks Fran, I have to admit it was getting a bit squinty towards the end!

  5. They look amazing mate especially as H&R are not the best in that scale but you have done an amazing job on them

  6. Thanks buddy, yea HR are a bit weak quality wise, but the price was so much less than everyone else I felt they were a good way to try without a big investment. You know how it is got to keep her indoors happy!