Friday, 30 December 2011

A tiny artist

The last of my presents to family is this little offering which was a gift for my wife. Finding and painting a figure for the wife proved quite difficult as she is an artist herself I wanted to paint an artisty figure. This provided near impossible, and I ended up having to sort of make my own.

The figure is from Hasslefree miniatures with some small alterations by me. Namely the outstretched hand used to have a magic wand in it, I turned this into a little brush with some putty. The other hand did hold a baseball bat, this was also cut down and made to look brush like with some putty. The easel is cocktail sticks with a card "canvas".

I painted the figure in purple and blues as these are her favourite colours, I'm quite pleased with the result although I have another idea for her birthday which should work out better!


  1. A beautiful gift Sir; I'm sure she was delighted. I've got to say I've really enjoyed these posts and may I ask where you got your plinths from?

  2. Thanks Michael, they were fun to do. If you look on the list on the right of the blog the "model stands" link is the company I bought them from.

    The Companies called "allwoodsdirect" they have a huge range of plinths etc and quite reasonable priced. I got mine from the clearance area.

  3. Superb idea. I hope she enjoyed the gift. :)

  4. That was a very clever use of the miniature!

    Happy New Year to you Smillie :-)

  5. That is a lovely gift for a lovely lady. Very clever and a good use of figures.