Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A light in the darkness

This is the figure I painted and based for my Dad. Now many years ago why my parents lived in Southend my dad was obsessed with stopping the snails from eating his plants. So he used to go out with a torch at night and try and catch them. Therefore I thought this figure from Artizan was just right, it even has a big bushy beard like dad!

I added a couple of snails to the base myself using modelling putty, and I'm pretty pleased with this, particularly the trews and the flecks of white on the beard.


  1. I'm loving these Mr. Smillie! My favourite so far, but that could be because of the lovely story.

  2. I love that model, and you painted him wonderfully. I've been meaning to buy that one myself and add to my Strange Aeons collection but never got around to do it - this might push me in the right direction.

    As previously, the base rocks as well!

  3. thanks, it really is a great figure, full of character I recommend him to anyone!

  4. great figure great story well done!