Thursday, 10 November 2011

I'm alive!

I consider this model (and post) a something is better than nothing situation. I am now settled into the new house in Scotland, and am into the swing of working from home full time (yay) However as it stands I don't have anywhere to permanently setup a painting area. But we are going to convert the loft space in to a man cave/studio for me and the wife to share. So until that's done I'm not sure how much painting I will get done.

I'm also feeling myself drawn back to Gamesworkshop again (don't ask me why I don't know) and I've sort of paused my 20mm WW2 project until I'm in the man cave and can "paint properly" again. Until then I might just do silly little projects.

On the upside I bought myself a Rover 75 (the one that looks like a jag) with a 2.5 V6 engine which is stupidly quick, makes my trips around the Scottish country side much fun, and overtaking a breeze!


  1. Cracking looking figs !!

  2. Hi mate, I am glad that your move has gone well and the man cave is in the offing. I bet the area makes a real change from MK. Anyway lovely painted figure and one I have to say is one of your nicest.

  3. I like it! looks like a space marine or something.

  4. Hello there old chap! Great to here that the move went well and are getting round to some painting again.

  5. Good to hear, damn well painted Cadian sir.

  6. Cheers chaps, the man cave will be good when its done and the scenery is bloody marvelous as I now live in the highlands way out in a little village.

  7. No-one will ever be able to explain the inexplicable way we get drawn back to GW again and again...

  8. I like silly little projects :-D

    Great looking figure!