Saturday, 2 October 2010

Somerset Freedom Fighters

Well here it is my completed force for VBCW for use in the Big Game 3 in November. The picture quality is a bit rubbish i'm afraid as I struggled to get good quality pictures of  large groups of miniatures.

The Cmd Platoon consists of 1 Officer a standard bearer (with standard to be added) 3 dispatch riders and a HMG Team. 1st and 2nd Platoon is made up of 10 Rifles, 1 Officer, 1Sgt, 1 LMG Team and 1 Bomber per Platoon. My Third Platoon, thanks to the fickle roll of the dice is under strength. Therefore it is made up of 1 Officer, 1 Sgt and an LMG Team.  All I need to add now is some sort of transport.

What I like about collecting a 28mm force for VBCW is that I can use the same miniatures in a number of other periods, be it WW2, WW1 or VSF, which is handy for a lazy sod like me.

In other news my wife discovered there was a Hobbycraft centre near our town, resulting in a shopping trip where I had to resist the urge to buy 90% of the shop. Sufficed to say my stocks of foam board, balsa wood and other bits and pieces have been renewed.

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