Friday, 4 July 2014

Last Z standing

Just finished the last four of my Studio Miniatures metal zombies. Lovely sculpts which were a joy to paint. I particularly like the sculpting on the zombie scratching its head. The face is really nicely done.

 Went with a sort of 60's inspired purple dress for the zombie chick

 Typical IT/Engineer zombie with some top pocket pen action

 Another office like zombie
Surfer dude, love this sculpt

Waiting on my order from Heroic and Ro's at the moment which will allow me to start making my Infantry Battalion command stands and the first of the Divisions arty support. Once that's done (as a break from just infantry) I'm going to crack on and complete the last 3 infantry Battalions in one go just to get them done so I can then concentrate on all the fun Divisional support stuff! 

In non modelling related news my wife is now officially a Childrens Book illustrator represented by the Bright Group. She's in the process of illustrating her first bits of proper work. Two educational books for the american school system, which is sort of exciting to think that thousands of american kids will see her art. And some other commercial items for clients with Christmas in mind. 


  1. These look superb my good man, I'm feeling the need to dig out some of my undead.

  2. Thanks Michael, it helps that Studio Miniatures stuff is so good

  3. More simply wonderful zombies there Mr Smillie, top work on them

  4. Nice zombies and congrats to the wife!

  5. The zombies look great and definitely congrats to your missus! ^_^

    Does your wife blog about her art? I like drawing myself in addition to miniature painting and do follow both types of blogs.

  6. Cheers mate, she doesn't blog to be honest, theres a link at the top of the page to her website and she uses twitter (i don't so can't say more) @NatSmillie.


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