Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Off to war again

This is the first of the Musketeer Minatures which I ordered.I have a mix of ww1 uniform guys and homeguard/militia types to paint up. One thing I hadn't realised was that Artizan Designs miniatures are slightly taller and "chunkier" than Musketeer's but theres not enough of a size difference to bother me. Love Musketeers sculpts there really clean and have loads of detail. I've also painted another 3 of my Anglo-Zulu war british infantry, and started on another 4 so its all go.


  1. Brown shoes with a blue suit!You can tell there is a civil war on ;)

    Very nice figure :)

  2. Cheers, what can I say an elderly gents just got to where his finest atire into battle, its just not cricket otherwise! :)