Monday, 19 July 2010

The Cult of the Golden Triangle

I got a little distracted over the weekend and in between rebasing my British Infantry I painted up the set of Artizan Design Cultists that I found in a cupboard earlier in the week. They were just crying out to be painted and they were really great fun to paint. I made a point of painting there trousers differnently because I wanted them to look like they had just come home from there various "day jobs" and jumped into there Cult tabard.

I decided to name this little band of nutters "The Cult of the Golden Triangle" mainly because I'm not great at drawing/painting symbols free hand and a triangle filled with gold was nice and simple and gold looks good with purple and red so its all good. I have no idea what I will use these guys for they may just live on my display shelf. But if Artizan release any other models in this range I will be sure to flesh out the cult.

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